• Construction and Installation

    At Sage Landscapes we believe in delivering projects to the best of our ability. This begins by working in a logical, progressive and efficient manor as we bring what is on paper, to life. Through the instillation we are careful and thorough, using best practice techniques to ensure your garden will be robust and up to the test of time. Finishing details are meticulously executed with care, all the time monitoring the spend as we try to better the agreed budget.

    We understand this can feel like an invasive stage, as we ‘move in’ and ‘take over your garden’ especially on longer projects, but we aim to keep your property clean and tidy and all disruption to a minimum. We will keep you up to date with progress and informed of potential disruptions so you can relax and enjoy this transformation knowing your garden is in safe hands.

    Landscaping requires a diverse skill set (and a large toolbox to match), that is why it takes many years to become a true Landscaping Meister. As a dedicated and skilled team, we are happy with all elements of landscaping, so much so we say, if it is outside, we can do it.



  • Earthworks

    With tip-trucks and our own mini excavator ‘Doug’ and an array of attachments we are well placed to complete any excavations, trench digging, grading, hole boring, stump removal and levelling as needed.




  • Carpentry

    We're skilled and efficient in many aspects of carpentry such as retaining wall and deck building and enjoy creating bespoke and one of a kind pergolas, arbours and timber structures. We have installed many timber staircases using a variety of methods and have also built small ‘summer houses’ and shelters that required the added complexity of fitting roofs.


  • Masonry

    We are experienced in many concrete, masonry and other wet trades and are competent laying, bricks and blocks as needed, along with facing walls in natural stone or installing exterior tiles/stone veneers. We enjoy placing concrete and can apply different finishes as required, likewise we are skilled at laying a multitude of paving tiles utilising the best technique for the tile and site conditions.


  • Irrigation/plumbing

    We can effectively install a variety of automated watering systems and irrigation lines. Whether your garden requires a misting system for a vegetable plot, drip line for an ornamental garden or pop ups for the lawn we can help get the water to where its needed. We can also install additional garden taps as needed to save you dragging a long hose.


  • Lighting/Electrical

    Some designs require the instillation of garden lights and exterior power points. Working in conjunction with an electrician we are happy to install all cabling as required and arrange final fixing and wiring on your behalf.



  • Lawns

    A garden is not completed without an open space of lush green grass. We have installed many lawns and for best results, preparation is key, and this varies between sites and existing soil conditions. We have also installed artificial lawns for those who don’t want to cut grass or have an awkward area where grass won’t grow.


  • Ponds and Water features

    Water brings a relaxing ambiance to any garden and we encourage its use wherever possible. This can be in the form of a simple ‘off the shelf’ water feature kit set, implementation of a nature pond and water course or a bespoke crafted and contemporary water feature. Having installed many we can assist you which ever you prefer.


  • External services

    We maintain good working relationships with our suppliers and other trusted trades and services such as, Electrician, Plumber, Engineer/fabricator and builder. When needed, we call upon these services to ensure we can deliver elements of projects that are beyond our skill set, whilst maintaining our own high standards along with industry standards.


  • If you would like to enquire about any of the services above, we would love to hear from you.